Surviving Divorce

Surviving Divorce

I am really gratified when I can help people heal their relationships and preserve their marriages and families. But sometimes, more often than any of us like, people find themselves going through a divorce.

Divorce is never easy. But it doesn’t have to destroy your life. And you definitely don’t want a divorce to destroy the lives of your children.


Come in and talk about it. I'm here to help.

Before you do anything else, come in and let's talk about it. No matter where you are in the divorce process, I'm here to help.

  • Deciding About Divorce

Still unsure whether divorce is your only option?  I'll help you understand exactly what is going on in your marriage, and why.

If there is any chance to preserve your marriage, I will help you do just that. If divorce is really your only option, I'll help you get through without destroying your life and the lives of your children.

  • Getting Through a Divorce

If you know for sure that you are getting divorced, I can help you (and your children) get through the process as healthy as possible. I can help you decide what you really want for yourself and for your children, and I can tell you about some ways to avoid the extremely high financial and emotional cost of traditional legal battles over things like alimony, child support, division of assets, and parenting arrangements.

There is no way to avoid all of the pain of a divorce, but there are many ways to minimize the pain and maintain financial security, physical health, and emotional well-being for yourself and for your children. Come in and talk about it. I'm here to help.

  • Creating the Life You Want

At some point, the official legal part of the divorce will be over. You'll have come to an agreement with your former spouse (either by yourselves, through attorneys, or by a judge). You'll know how your assets are being divided, who is paying what, and how you are going to share parenting responsibilities for your children. Now, you'll find you've got two new challenges.

First, you will have to figure out how to best help your children adjust to the changes in their lives. This can be done, but it takes time, and it takes an ongoing awareness, love, and commitment to your childrens' well-being. If you'd like, I can be there to guide you, to help you over the hurdles, to help keep you out of court over routine disagreements, and to help you and your children adjust to life after divorce.

Second, it will be time to start deciding what you want your new life to look like, and how to start moving in the direction you want. Like everything else we're talking about here, it's never easy, but, with patience, courage, and some good guidance, your life can become one that is better than before, filled with peace of mind, love, wonderment, joy, and health.

With something this important, don't make the mistake of trying to go it alone.

No matter where you are in the process, come in and let's talk about it. I'm here to help.


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